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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 18, 2010

March 18, 2010

Mar 18 Special Needs Stats and News- Apies In The Working World

Aspies Have a Place in the Working World

Asperger's syndrome was first identified in 1944 by Doctor Hans Asperger. More than half a century has passed and in that time, has the lives of Aspies been better? Are provisions made to accommodate and change the environment or procedures of our learning establishments, interview methods for jobs and the work place itself.

Aspies have a place in the working world. Some of the traits of people with Asperger Syndrome seem to hinder their chances of getting a job. These same traits could also be the ones that will make them a valuable employee.

"Don't write me off" is the slogan of a campaign to improve access to employment and benefits for people on the autism spectrum from the National Autistic Society.

What do you feel is the biggest hurdle individuals with Asperger face when looking for a job?

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Mar 18 Sensory Tip- Socializing Problems With SPD

When it Comes to Socializing,What Will Happen to My Growing Child With Sensory Processing Disorder?

Blending in with their peers and keeping friends becomes the most important aspect of many kids’ lives.

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder will have difficulty socializing because they will not be able to tolerate the environment where many of the activities take place nor the unintentional disturbing actions of their friends.

Many of the clothes the popular kids wear cannot be worn by them because of the discomfort. Hanging out with the gang is overwhelming when faced with: the bright, humming lights, the loud movie theatre, the gum clacking friend, the food chomping dinner guest, the plate of intolerable textured food, the teacher with the high pitched voice…

Help your child understand himself and teach him to self-advocate so he can make others understand the tremendous burden of living with Sensory Processing Disorder.

What are tactics you use to make your growing child blend in?

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Mar 18 Chewing and Biting Tip- Inappropriate Biting

Why Does My Child Bite?

"The wounds on my child's hands never healed.
 He kept biting himself" wrote a distraught mom.
“We tried everything!”

Why does your child bite? Observe or find out when the biting occurs. Is your child biting when he is  angry, frustrated, confused, anxious or being teased?  Is he biting when he has eaten certain foods, has been exposed to a particular environment, has to adapt to something new or has encouragement to do so by peers?

All this is very disturbing to both the child and his caregivers. Professional help will be required to rule out underlying, serious problems. Redirecting the biting to a reliable oral motor tool, like the Kid Companions, will be a great benefit.
 Kid Companions are chewies that are
 functional, enjoyable and fashionable!

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Mar 18 Fidgeting Tip- The Signs Of ADHD

 Know the Signs of ADHD

If your child consistently exhibits these signs, have a professional evaluation done so immediate support can be given.
  • *Has problems with paying attention.
  • *Has difficulty following instructions.
  • *Is very active (hyperactivity). 
  • *Talks a lot, has difficulty playing quietly.
  • *Acts before thinking (impulsive).
  • *Loses or misplaces homework, books, toys and other items.
As many as 5 out of every 100 children in school may have ADHD. Boys are three times more likely than girls to have ADHD.

Your child may be inattentive, impulsive, and too active but underneath all this, there is a child that is capable of learning and dearly wants to learn.

Most students with ADHD can be helped by professionals or changes in their environments/home/classrooms. A simple first aid action by parents is providing fidgets to use up that pent-up energy and to soothe this hyperactive brain.

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