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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Nov 27, 2010

November 27, 2010

What is The Coffee Klatch #TCK

Marianne Russo, the founder of The Coffee Klatch #TCK explains: "A virtual cup of coffee with parents of special needs children. Our goal is to offer support, information, education and inspiration to the parents given the life unexpected, the life with a special needs child."

Their web site:  states : "The Coffee Klatch is an interactive forum on Blog Talk Radio and Twitter bringing you expert guests including award winning authors, doctors, psychologists, advocates and representatives from the world's most respected children's organizations. We feature daily topics for all disabilities both physical and emotional."

You are your child's best advocate, if not you then who, become an informed educated parent.

Meet, share, laugh and take some time for yourself. Join the moderators:

 ~ Elise journals the lives of her two, almost adult aspergers sons, encouraging others with her posts describing their journey that has now reached College doors. Elise is a Certified College Coach for students with Asperger's Syndrome.Her interests include neurodiversity, inclusion, and self-advocacy.

 ~ Pierrette d'Entremont, left, writes about Special Needs and of her own personal struggles with Tourette Syndrome and Bipolar Disorder as well as raising a child with the same. A graduate of the University of Ottawa with a BCs in Human Kinetics, Pierrette is the creator of Kid Companions Chewelry, a sensory oral-motor tool.

~ Jane Hotvedt, right, shares her wealth of experience gained raising her seven special needs children ranging from Aspergers Syndrome to Cerebral Palsy. She was a presenter for the Juvenile Law Center which taught middle school students their rights and
obligations in society. This wonderful mom received her education at Bemidji University majoring in Performing Arts and Nursing.

~ Chuck Walley, left, writes about the challenges and triumphs in single parenting an aspie teen son. Our IT expert is an IT manager at USA TODAYand he brings his valuable knowledge in that field to interviews dealing with all the new hottest Technology Trends.

  ~ Marianne Russo, right, founder and host of The Coffee Klatch on Blog Talk Radio, mom, advocate for Special Needs and has spent the past ten years researching the organic basis of anxiety and depressive disorders in children and adolescents. Educated at Adelphi University School of Business, Marianne previously worked as a freelance Court Reporter.

*Twitter (Tweetchat): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9 to 10 am EST

*Blog Talk Radio and Twitter: Wednesday and Sunday 9 pm EST

*Blog: This fine group does not only Tweet or Chat...check out their inspirational posts here:


*Links Bios, Our Blog, Event Calendar and more to

*Events upcoming:

*Guests who have joined Marianne on talk radio at The Coffee Klatch  

*Blog Talk Radio interviews and Outstanding experts listen to  anytime:

*The Coffee Klatch Guests Daily:

*A 'One of a Kind' Event:  Nov 1st, 2010 Communicate To Educate A 24 Hour International Event For Autism. See more here  The following is a link to a video Marianne made of the numerous moderators, some who gave hours of their time, to this remarkable event:  

Bravo for The Coffee Klatch:
*The Coffee Klatch chosen one of the top ten on Twitter 2010.

What is NEW
The first "Your Chat" a new format on The Coffee Klatch starts Tuesday December 7th. You tell us what you want to discuss. Please post your requests on their Facebook page, on Twitter or feel free to message on Facebook or DM on Twitter if you want it kept confidential.

Any new suggestions or comments for The Coffee Klatch sessions?

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The Eating Game and Kid Companions Chewelry Team Up for Promotion

From Nov 27 – Dec 10, 2010, order The Eating Game and receive a
FREE Kid Companions Chewelry

It is called a GAME but it is much more! The Eating Game, invented by Jean Nicol  provides a very visual, structured, hands on tool that can be a fun way to plan healthy meals every day! Great to team up with the parent resource ~ The Eating Game ~ for a promotion. After a balanced meal, redirect chewing or biting urge to Kid Companions chewable fidgets. Child does not have to eat when he is not hungry just for oral gratification.

What is Kid Companions Chewelry
Kid Companions Chewelry was invented by Pierrette d'Entremont. These chewy fidgets, heart or circle shaped, worn around the neck, in belt hoops or clipped are bought online at  or Special Needs stores. Kid Companions are COOL SENSORY ORAL-MOTOR TOOLS for kids and teens. Safe, stylish and effective, they are a perfect alternative to chewable, fidgeting toys less than discreet to be used at school, at home or during transitions allowing your special child to BLEND IN. More information see previous post here
About The Eating Game
As soon as you open the well packaged The Eating Game box, you know that great care went in preparing this meal planning tool. My grandchildren and I had fun getting to know The Eating Game. Here is what we wish to share with you.

Who is Jean Nicol
For more than 30 years, Jean was immersed in the field of education as an elementary and secondary teacher. In addition to dedicating 20 of those years to Special Education with a keen interest in working with children with Autism, Jean has served as an Autism Consultant and an Early Interventionist for families with children with special needs.

The inventor of The Eating Game, has a Bachelor of Education from St. Francis Xavier University. She also holds a degree in Nutrition from ST. F.X. and completed a Special Education Specialist program at the University of Ottawa. So YES she has all the experience and creditials needed to come up with this much needed resource.
Is The Eating Game Durable
Good quality paper has been laminated to withstand use by many little hands who will find pleasure in helping adults in their life plan healthy meals. The laminated pages, handily organized and protected in a ring binder can be easily removed and replaced.

What Age Group Would Use This Meal and Snack Planner
You will find nine laminated Daily Planning guides, one for each of the 9 categories of individuals (ages 2-3, ages 4-8, ages 9-13, females ages 14-18,… males ages 51+) Each guide follows Canada’s Food Guide by having the recommended number of food item servings per day needed for that age group and gender ( when applicable ).

Each Daily Planning guide has columns to plan three meals and three snacks eaten on one day. Everything, pictures and daily planning guides are color coded to correspond with the included Canada’s Food Guide.

Is The Eating Game Easy to Use
Yes, all is color coded and easy to use. For example:
* The vegetable and fruit products are GREEN in Canada’s Food Guide which says a child aged 4-6 should have 5 servings.

 *The Daily Planning guide for that age group has 5 GREEN squares here and there under the columns of meals or snacks.

*A laminated page with 63 clearly recognizable vegetables and fruits on a GREEN background is among the 4 food group pages. These small food picture squares are attached by Velcro
on the food group page and reattaches on the Daily Planning guides the same way.

Who Controls the Choices the User Will MakeThe parent or caregiver is in control of what choices the user (child) will see on the food group charts. Jean tells us to remove before hand, pictures of foods you never buy, foods the user will not eat and foods you do not have on hand. When the choices on the food group pages are presented, the user is in control, limited only by color matching to ensure all food groups are eaten everyday.

Who Benefits from The Eating Game
Jean Nicol thought of everything to make this kit durable, efficient and fun to use. Not only would Special Need families benefit from The Eating Game; but all families who want to encourage their children to eat healthily. Furthermore, it is a great way to introduce new foods, learn the names of new foods and learn to read them as they are typed under each picture.

Planning meals in advance during a stress free time, perhaps the evening before, will ensure happier meal times for all family members.

 Jean has an information sheet with suggestions for getting started and also another page with suggestions for using the kit… told you Jean was very thorough when she created this wonderful resource. Furthermore The Eating Game is available in English, French and Mi’kmaq.

Want more information see previous post:  About The Eating Game and Jean Nicol, the Inventor

What have been your tactics to get a problem eater to eat balance meals?

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