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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

Kid Companion Testimonials -Word of Mouth Worth Its' Weight in Gold

 Lisa Y. Johnson-Collins, 
Director of Education Through Engagement,

Industry: Education

Occupation: Educational Consultant/Educator/Interventionist

Location: Los Angeles : CA : United States

The absence of sensory issues in the educational setting is an ongoing problem. In this area a paradigm shift needs to occur in education as a whole. Therefore, your work is imperatively important. If you don't mind I will put your website on my website as a resource.

Many of the students in the general and special education classroom have oral sensory issues. The students not being able to chew gum at school confound this issue. As you know these sensory needs morph into other areas: eating, biting, eating paper, etc.

Your product has been the best thing I have seen so far. I have a 10th grade student, with very severe issues, in mind I will try it with.

Do you have a comment about our chewable, fidget Kid Companions?

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Mar 14 Chewing and Biting Tip-CPSIA Compliance Certificate

Chewies go in the mouth; so they must be safe. Parents, at ease, Kid Companions have a  for 3rd party testing.
We have designed our product to meet mandatory and voluntary safety standards and regulations, giving parents peace of mind.

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Mar 14 Special Needs Stats and News- Minors Protected By Law

Credit card charges made by minors are invalid. When underage kids steal your card, the charges don't stick. Minors are protected by law from some of the consequences of their actions. credit card news
By Sally Herigstad response to: My 12-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome, fraudulently used our credit card to order a go-cart online. It cost over $3000. ...

Mar 14 Sensory Tip-Fidgets Soothe and Calm

Some ASD Kids with Sensory issues are unable to focus, analyze or direct their listening  because the interrupting forces around them are too strong. Using Kid Companions like worry stones, exploring the heaviness, pliability and interesting feel will soothe and calm them to allow learning.


Mar 14 Fidgeting Tip-Movement Maintains Alertness

Children with ADHD jiggle and wiggle to maintain alertness. Impaired motor control centers in the brain are the suspected cause of fidgety, hyperactive behavior. Let them move by using discreet Kid Companion fidgets.

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