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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

Mar 31 Special Needs Stats and News- Ottawa Lauches Autism Registry

Ottawa Second Canadian City
 to Launch Autism Registry

Thursday, April 1st, 2010, Ottawa will become the second city in Canada to launch a registry to inform first responders with the needed personal information as well as the triggers that might upset autistic individuals. This pilot project is voluntary and the online registry is the work of the Ottawa Police service and Autism Ontario.

Mirimachi Autism Resources Inc, New Brunswick with their local police force was the first group to start an Autism registry. Now in Mirimachi, when a 911 call is made, it alerts the responders if an individual with an autism spectrum disorder lives at the address given.

The tragic death of James Delorey ,when he wandered of in a snowstorm from his Cape Breton, Nova Scotia home, prompted the New Brunswick group to launch their Autism registry. After being lost for two days, the 7 year old with Autism, who could not speak, was found unconscious and suffering from hypothermia. Brought by air ambulance to hospital he later died.

Individuals with Autism can have their photos and emergency information and personality traits added to the registry data. Therefore, police, paramedics and firefighters who respond to a call are aware and can be prepared to deal with this particular individual.

In an emergency, what is more basic than knowing the calming mechanism to use with a scared individual. An autistic child who cannot tolerate to be touched would cause quite a stir from a friendly tap from an emergency responder. It is easy to see how beneficial prior knowledge of the person with Autism is going to be.

“It’s a way to provide information to defuse the situation and support them in the manner best suited for them,” says Nancy Gibson, the co-coordinator for Autism Ontario’s Ottawa chapter. “The more education and awareness we can provide to first responders, the better the interaction will be for everyone involved.”

How could such a registry benefit your child with Autism?

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