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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Dec 19, 2010

December 19, 2010

Follow SOS Best of the Best Started by Danette Schott

We are pleased that our post : Raising a Confidant, Capable, Contented Child ~ Part 2 is among the 30 posts chosen for the SOS Best of the Best Edition 3. Be sure to read Raising a Confidant, Capable, Contented Child ~ Part 1 also.

Are you a special needs parent looking for helpful information to navigate through responsibilities, red tape and just plain day to day problems? Danette Schott  has simplified your search with her brilliant idea of uniting Special Needs bloggers in a project named S-O-S Best of the Best (B of B). Best of the Best  is a collection of posts from different bloggers on a particular topic. A new topic is selected each month and the B of B is posted on S-O-S on the 15th of each month.

  Let the doors open, drum role please…the first edition, on Autism and Treatment Options, is posted. This month find 22 great articles to inform and encourage you in your day to day grind coping with special needs children.

The topics of these international writers cover a wide range. Danette presents each blogger with a short summary to entice the reader to go and read the entire post and links it to their sites.

 Here are a few titles from the contributing bloggers in the first edition:
*Autism Acceptance by Gavin Bollard
*Backward Chaining by Danette Schott
*Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) by Trish Doerrler
*Deep Pressure by Hartley Steiner
*21 Things NOT to Say to a Person with Autism-Literally by Laura Schumaker
*Speech Therapy by Sarah Schneider
*I am honored to be a ‘performer in this COOL carnival’ with my post: Red Flags Signs of Autism

Follow this ambitious SOS Best of the Best or better yet check out if you can participate!

Danette has a message for all bloggers:

Any blogger may submit a post as long as it meets these guidelines:

1.A submitted post must have been written in the past 30 days in response to the announcement of the B of B. You must be the author of the post and its contents must be your original work. The post must not have been published on any other blog other than yours.

2.The B of B is published on the 15th of each month. Please submit your post no later than the 13th to dmschott at pacbell dot net. One post per blogger for each topic. (If the current month’s topic is not your thing or you are too busy to participate in a given month, no problem. Always check back and in the right-hand column the current month’s topic being worked on will be listed under the Best of the Best button.)

3.Once the B of B is posted, please tweet the post, reference it on your Facebook page, and possibly mention it on your blog.

Submission of a post does not guarantee inclusion in the B of B. The goal is to provide parents, teachers, and other professionals with varied opinions on a selected topic. But, I do not have to agree with your opinion for inclusion, because the point is to provide readers with many different viewpoints and options when dealing with special needs issues."

Note, the S-O-S Best of the Best has been renamed from the Carnival of S-O-S.

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What do you think is the value of projects like this one just launched by Danette Schott?

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