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Mar 18 Sensory Tip- Socializing Problems With SPD

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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 18 Sensory Tip- Socializing Problems With SPD

March 18, 2010

Mar 18 Sensory Tip- Socializing Problems With SPD

When it Comes to Socializing,What Will Happen to My Growing Child With Sensory Processing Disorder?

Blending in with their peers and keeping friends becomes the most important aspect of many kids’ lives.

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder will have difficulty socializing because they will not be able to tolerate the environment where many of the activities take place nor the unintentional disturbing actions of their friends.

Many of the clothes the popular kids wear cannot be worn by them because of the discomfort. Hanging out with the gang is overwhelming when faced with: the bright, humming lights, the loud movie theatre, the gum clacking friend, the food chomping dinner guest, the plate of intolerable textured food, the teacher with the high pitched voice…

Help your child understand himself and teach him to self-advocate so he can make others understand the tremendous burden of living with Sensory Processing Disorder.

What are tactics you use to make your growing child blend in?

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