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Kid Companions- Chewelry: May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Mental Health America ‘s New Campaign~ Live Your Life Well

Since 1949, May is Mental Health Month.

Mental Health America (formerly known as the National Mental Health Association) invites all to celebrate this month. For almost a 100 years, Mental Health America has been promoting the well-being of all Americans. This year, Mental Health America’s theme is: “Live Your Life Well”.

Live Your Life Well is a national public education campaign dedicated to helping people better cope with stress and enhancing their well-being. At the centre of this campaign is their website which is a rich source of resources and tips for individuals and families to follow …to live their lives well.

Their website is cool, well organized, easy to navigate, colorful but conveying inner peace with its’ yellows, blues and uncluttered white spaces. Their information is written is short, easy to read, easy to understand and immediately beneficial tips.

You will find a quiz,“How Stress Are You?” which takes just a few minutes to complete. From the 3 short questions in each section which you just click YES or NO, you can deduce what would be the best way to live your life. At the end of the quiz you are given a “helpful report”. Also you receive this message:” Thanks for taking our Stress and Health Self Test. If your answers on some of the questions weren't what you would like them to be, now's the time to make changes that can reduce your stress levels and benefit your health. Review the 10 Tools and learn more about how stress affects your health, and find resources for a healthier lifestyle.”

You must go check for yourself how well the 10 Tools to Live Your Life Well are presented. Just to show you how thorough each tool is developed, I will explain #1:

*Number 1 tool is Connect with others.

* When you hover over this tool you see more details: Fight stress with friendship. Learn how to strengthen old bonds and build new ones.

*When you hover over Connect with others it opens up to a page expanding this notion and telling you exactly what you should do to achieve this goal.

*On this page you also have the chance to click on “Read More” and “Success Stories

* You will find links to many helpful websites and a “Find Help Near You” button that takes you to a map of the US with a MHA Affiliate Directory for each state.

If mental health issues are hurting your family be sure to put the Mental Health America website in your Favorites. Except for the Directory for each state, to all you fellow Canadians this is a valuable resource for us also.

What is going on in your area to offer support to individuals who have mental health problems?

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