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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Feb 7, 2011

February 7, 2011

Personalized Children's Book ~ First Time Books by Guest, Monika Puzelyte

Getting your child to read is often times just as frustrating as trying to get them to eat their vegetables. Sometimes children just need some motivation. It is important that from a young age your little one views books as a form of entertainment instead of a task. Teaching your child that reading can be fun is easy through personalization. Personalized books are a great way to encourage children to read because they can relate to the characters they recognize in the books.

First Time Books was created in 2007, by John Burke and Chad Case. One of the business partner, John Burke, and his wife were having trouble potty training their daughter, Molly. With 25 years of printing and book binding experience, a light went off in John’s head one night. He devised a potty training book that represented the characteristics of his daughter, such as ethnicity, gender, and hair color. With his business partner, Chad Case, they created and programmed a distinctive, unique and special story book about Molly and her potty training adventure. Needless to say, after receiving her own potty book, Molly never entered the bathroom without it. Within 2 weeks, John was living in a diaper-free home.

First Time Books offers personalized books that go beyond customizing your child’s character. All of the characters are personalized such as parents, siblings, and friends, while still keeping your child as the star of the book. Every book is unique because it features characters that are personalized by their gender, ethnicity, hair color and length, skin color, and much more! The technology available at First Time Books offers a new frontier in children’s books publishing. First Time Books offer an array of educational products that excites children to read and motivates them to learn. Parents can bond with their children while customizing a book’s characters and a storyline. Personalizing books at First Time Books is really easy; a child can do most personalizing online by themselves.

This is a perfect gift for any occasion because First Time Books has a variety of books that will amuse any child. They have products such as, a Potty Training and an ABC book, Zoo, Halloween and Christmas Adventure books, Birthday books, and many more. Take a look for yourself at and find the perfect personalized book that will put a smile on your little ones face.

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