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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Sep 23, 2010

September 23, 2010

ADHD Body and Brain Work in Tandem

"The Body Affects the Brain as
Much as the Brain Affects the Body"

It is known that half the kids who have attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADD/ADHD are easily distracted, get angry quickly, experience mood swings and cannot focus and concentrate long enough to finish their work at school nor at home.

Inattention in ADD/ADHD Students will result in the following behaviors:
*Has difficulty listening to lectures, instructions, presentations
*Misplaces tools (pencil, eraser, scribbler, books, lunch box)
*Seems disorganized and always rushing, moving
*Has trouble with tasks that require planning ahead
*Forgets things, neglects to write notes, lists, schedules
*Is easily distracted by classmates, outside noises, other family members

Why Fidgeting Works

This urge for constant motion in Hyperactive children is their way of coping. It is believed that these children’s brains are under-aroused and they use motion to stimulate their brain to focus and listen. If these Special Needs children can manage to subconsciously fidget or chew, say with Kid Companions chewelry, it allows their mind to focus on the main tasks. This is exactly like many people do when they doodle while speaking on the phone or when they listen to music while doing another task.

What Accomodations Should be Made in School

In a school environment, all accommodations given to the student with ADD/ADHD must not be disruptive to the rest of the class. Giving these children quieter options in class and organizing movement breaks for this child during long sitting periods will help him accomplish much more. Making him feel it is OK to quietly stand, do wall pushes or chair pushes will be very beneficial. Standing in the back is another option or sitting on a huge ball, swivel or rocking chairs has proven successful with some hyperactive students.

The adults in the life of a child with attention disorders must help him learn strategies to self regulate his energy body so that he can listen, learn and blend in with his peers.

What is the most effective accommodation that has been made for your child with ADD/ADHD?

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