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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Dec 17, 2010

December 17, 2010

Travis Breeding ~ Author of I Want to be Like You: Life With Asperger’s Syndrome

Travis Breeding, now in his mid 20’s, grew up knowing something was not right with him in this neurotypical world. At the age of 22, Travis was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. The diagnosis was somewhat of a relief but at the same time it was somewhat frustrating. Since then, Travis has been learning about who he really is and has become an author and a national guest speaker on Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a mild form of Autism that is likened to “Invisible Autism.” Breeding describes it as a “neurological disorder where people who have Asperger’s have trouble functioning in social situations, they don't have understanding of the social norms, the unwritten rules that you just know but people who have Autism don't.”

People with Aspergers have difficulty relating to others in three main areas; Social communication, interaction and imagination and this is often referred to as the “Triad of Impairments.”

These are bits and bites taken from Travis’s sites and I hope it will motivate you to join Travis and Chuck Walley, the moderator, on The Coffee Klatch session Sunday, Dec. 19th, 2010, 9 to 10 pm EST. 

The Pro’s of Knowing the Aspergers Diagnoses
*Great to know that you’re not just some crazy psycho roaming around the world.
*There was something preventing me from having normal friendships and normal interactions with kids my age.
*It's like I was always on the outside looking in.
* I was looking at life through a bubble and always trying to pop that bubble but I never could.
*Living life without really knowing who you are.

The Con’s of Knowing the Aspergers Diagnoses
*It was overwhelming to realize that there’s really not much that can be done as far as a cure or making it go away.
* You realize that you have a lot of work ahead of you.

 Breeding says self-awareness is the key. “Now in my life, I've pretty much become aware of what's going on, I know I have Autism, that's the situation I have to deal with and I'm okay with it. I'm pretty much able to live a normal life.”

Travis had been doing a Communications major at Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne. He does various speaking engagement relating his own experiences growing up with Aspergers. He has a Facebook page and a super new, well designed web site. When I first goggled Travis Breeding in late Oct. of this year, he had a few web sites…nothing like this Awesome one with everything in one easy to find place.
This month of December, Travis’s inspirational autobiography, I Want to be Like You: Life With Asperger’s Syndrome, is coming out. Be sure to join The Coffee Klatch to hear more about it.

To wet your appetite, bits and bites about the book:
* Educate as many people as he can on Autism and other Spectrum disorders.
* Provide insight for parents who have children on the autism spectrum as to what their child’s life might be like in the future.
* See real life examples from my life.
*Read about the events in which have happened in my life that have got me to where I am today.
* Share my story with the world in hopes of both the autism and NT Neurotypical individuals world becoming more aware of each other and uniting as "one"

Found this quote on his old site which sums up his message: “We cannot learn to interact with others until we have learned how to interact with ourselves and be happy with whom we are.”

Learn more about Travis Breeding, Blog, Book, Calendar, Presentations… here

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