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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

Mar 17 Special Needs Stats and News- Is ADHD a Learning Disability

Is ADHD a Learning Disability
Up to 67% of people who had ADHD as a child may continue to have symptoms of ADHD as an adult." (Source: LDAC Learning Disabilities Association of Canada)
Experts currently believe ADHD to be a learning disability. Kids with learning disabilities can be successful if they are taught skills and strategies and changes to their environment at home and school are made.
Learning Disabilities are neurological processing disorders that affect all aspects of a child's life. Many children with learning disabilities have average or above average intelligence.

Do you think your child is reaching his potential at school?

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Mar 17 Sensory Tip - Behaviours Of Kids With SPD

Sensory Processing Disorder -Behaviours

We receive and perceive sensory input through sights, sounds, touch, tastes, smells and movement. We all learn through our senses.

Sensory processing is how we transform sensory information from within our own bodies and the external environment into messages we can act on. Devastating consequences occur when something goes wrong with this processing. Children (and adults) can be hypo or hyper sensitive.

Some behaviours of children with Sensory Processing Disorder:

*Misjudges spatial relationships so bumps into things 
*Runs out of bathroom when toilet flushes
*Prefers to touch specific fabrics
  *Touches everything in sight
  *Gags if made to eat food he/she doesn’t like
  *May say “you stink” to person wearing perfume  

So what is all this called? Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration Disorder or Sensory Integration Dysfunction. What is that debate about?

A universal term was sought enabling parents to receive insurance reimbursement for the diagnoses and the treatment. So the term now accepted is Sensory Processing Disorder.

More information can be found:

Sensory Processing Disorder Canada Foundation

The Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center

What is the most disturbing behavior of your child with SPD?

How do you help him/her cope? 

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Mar 17 Chewing and Biting Tip- Kid Companions- Soothing Chewies

Do you know why your child is
 biting inappropriately?

Sometimes biting and teeth grinding can be an expression of sheer frustration, stress or distress. Get professional help to root out the cause of the biting.

An appropriate tool to satisfy an urge to bite is our Kid Companions. These cool chewies are soothing aids for oral exploration, while providing calming to body and mind.

Has your child used chewies? Were they effective?

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Mar 17 Fidgeting Tip

Did you ask yourself why your child never stops fidgeting?
 Do you ask him to stop?

Many ADHD children use motion to stimulate the brain to focus and listen on the main task. This is a good thing. Allow respectful fidgeting. Provide silent, small, unobtrusive Kid Companions.

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