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Mar 22 Chewing and Biting Tip- Chewing Is a Form Of Moving

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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 22 Chewing and Biting Tip- Chewing Is a Form Of Moving

March 22, 2010

Mar 22 Chewing and Biting Tip- Chewing Is a Form Of Moving

Excessive chewing is sometimes an indication that your child with ADHD needs to MOVE!

When a student with ADHD has to sit still for long periods of time his body is crying out to move. One of the strong, big muscles that would use this pent up energy is the jaw joint. Allow and encourage appropriate chewing or biting.

If movements can help your child with ADHD to sharpen his memory, hone his organizational skills and calm him to interact favorably with his classmates LET HIM CHEW!

Having his own discreet chewy, always accessible, enables this child to go about his day. The student knows that when he needs to chew, it will be around his neck, in his belt hoop or attached to his clothing. These children have enough worries in their lives that if this very simple tool, a chewy, gives him relief it should be allowed.

Chewies, like Kid Companions Chewelry, should never be called a toy for those who really need the benefits of chewing. A toy would have to be put away when the bell signals classes are to begin. On the contrary, peers and teachers should respect the needs of this child to chew or bite and the chewy should be seen as natural to a class setting as pencils, crayons or eye glasses.

Does your school allow chewies or fidgets in class?

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