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Mar 22 Sensory Tip- Family Life With SPD Overwhelming

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Kid Companions- Chewelry: Mar 22 Sensory Tip- Family Life With SPD Overwhelming

March 22, 2010

Mar 22 Sensory Tip- Family Life With SPD Overwhelming

Oversensitivity or under sensitivity to many of the senses makes life extremely difficult for all family members dealing with Sensory Processing Disorders.

This one little child can disrupt the activities of the whole household:  meals, dressing up times, bed times, car travels, family visits …

So that your sensitive child receives adequate care as soon as possible, arrange to have him seen by professionals. Start with your family doctor who will make arrangements for you to see others who deal with Sensory issues in children. When strategies to help your child cope with his surroundings are already established, the transition into the school setting will be smoother.

Your SPD child might be schedule to receive treatment from some of the following: Occupational therapist, Listening therapist, Physical therapists, Speech/language therapists and others trained to use a sensory integration approach to help with your child's treatment.

If your child has pronounced sensivities, do not attempt to deal with these overwhelming distressing problems alone. Speak to other parents, read about it, join support groups, get professional help and when he goes to school inform his teachers.

What is the most useful suggestion you have received for a professional to help your sensitive child cope with his environment?

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